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GOODBYE! - 10/29/07
When I started this site, I never would've believed it would have touched so many people's lives. I created this little site to share the experiences I was having with the world, and so many of you have now done the same. I no longer seem to be followed by whatever entity spurred me to create this site, and for that I have this community to thank.

For those who are still haunted by whatever creatures drove them on their search for answers, I am sorry. That time of my life is over for me, and reading about these terrifying occurrences that are happening all over the world is dragging me kicking and screaming back into the hole I just barely managed to crawl out of.

However, even though I will be leaving this community, I won't take down what people have shared here. Even against some member's wishes for content to be removed. Nor will I transfer ownership. That is for several reasons.
  • There is no one I trust enough to hand over ownership of this site to.
  • There are entities out there that are still stalking victims. The information gathered here may be of use to any of their potential victims down the line.
  • This website contains real accounts of paranormal occurrences throughout the world, and may serve as some of the earliest recorded encounters with creatures mankind has yet to acknowledge.

I wish all of you the best in dealing with our unbelievable misfortune, and leave you with one last piece of advice. As a child, when the sum of our limited experience offered little help in dealing with a new problem, we only had one choice.

Confront the unknown.
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